Discover Hidden Strength and Courage with Aquamarine

Aquamarine for Courage

 Life can require us to have a lot of courage. For many, just getting through from day to day can…

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Grounding, Balancing, and Protective: Hematite for All

Hematite Collection

Hematite is a mineral that everyone should own. Practical, grounding, and protective, it is a stone for the Root Chakra…

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Hyalite Opal: A Visionary, Psychic stone that Cuts Through Illusions

There are only a few minerals that I cannot live without, and Hyalite Opal is one of them. It is…

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Astrology for March 2022

March is a relatively quiet month, astrologically. We will have our moments of celestial activity, but with less intense cosmic…

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