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Product Questions: Crystals and Minerals

Starting Wednesday November 22 2023.

We are extremely excited to announce that all of our crystal-meaning tag descriptions will now be available in digital format. As we move towards becoming a more Eco-friendly business, we will no longer be sending paper tag descriptions with your purchases.

After purchasing, the digital tags will show up in your confirmation email. The free digital tags will be formatted to print if you wish to have a physical copy. Instead of fitting to the page, we recommend scaling to 50%.

There is the option to purchase physical tags from us if you're unable to print them yourself. The price will cover the cost of labor if you choose to add them.

It is a separate item you will add to your cart before you check out and is labeled "Printed Tag Addition."

Beth Ann Kennedy has been a professional mineral dealer for 14 years. She was trained by expert mineral dealers in addition to her own devotion to researching and understanding not only mineral families but mining practices and global supply chains

Beth Ann understands how to find minerals closest to the source, which guarantees not only fair prices but allows for visibility and insight into mining practices. She is constantly researching and educating herself, her staff, and students into a greater education of minerals and mining. 

Pink Heart Healing shops at both major mineral and gem shows in the United States (Tucson and Denver) in addition to working privately with miners and dealers around the world. 

Pink Heart Healing works very hard to ensure that we have the most information about the source and conditions the mineral was mined in.

The secret to this is working closely with miners and dealers who are ethical and can answer all of our questions. Due to the nature of mining, accessibility, and global micro-economies, it is not possible to have a thorough history of every mineral that comes out of the ground. We have to trust our sources and know that we are providing our customers with the clearest picture possible when it comes to sustainable and ethical materials.

We love the earth and see ourselves as keepers of the sacred ground and of sacred stones. It does not help the energy of the stone to be in a difficult environment before we get it. 

On the same token, it is good to view minerals similarly to rescue animals that are deserving of love and a second chance.

There are occasions where we will acquire minerals and must work with their energy to heal them. If this has been the case, we will always let the buyer have full disclosure before purchasing the mineral. 

Beth Ann Kennedy provides many free resources on the website as well as on her social media platforms. 

The website contains descriptions of each stone and its metaphysical healing properties. This information is a combination of her years of research, study, and practice, in addition to information she has channeled directly from the stones. 

There is more learning available from the Pink Heart Healing Blog that covers an array of topics from healing, personal development, intuition, and working with individual crystals and minerals. 

Other points of learning include the Pink Heart Healing YouTube Channel with dozens of insightful videos and discussions.

Tik Tok is a fabulous resource with new videos released weekly on working with specific stones and crystal healing techniques. 

If you are a student of the healing arts, professional energy healer, or practicing therapist and would like to advance your practice, Pink Heart Healing offers a series of online courses that you can purchase. 

Our site is organized by types, meanings, and collections of crystals. Depending on what you are looking for (or, why you are looking…) you can find products in a number of ways.

Crystal Collections: Varieties of major minerals groups. Examples are Amethyst, Moonstone, Tourmaline. Within these Collections, you will find any crystal that pertains to that type such as:

Shape: point, clusters, spheres
Mixed minerals (Chrysocolla with Malachite)

For instance, our Amethyst Collection includes rough, polished, tumbled, points, clusters, and any jewelry we carry with Amethyst in it.

Other Collections include energetic groupings, such as:

Astrological SignsChakrasCleansing/Clearing ItemsRitual Tools

Product listings appear in this general format with the relevant information:

Mineral Family - Inclusion/formation/color, shape/grade/size


Quartz, Chlorite Inclusion, Phantom ClusterHalite, Pink, Natural, Rough

Search by energetic/metaphysical property: If there is a specific symptom, property, or energetic effect you are looking for, you can simply type the descriptive words or phrase into the SEARCH bar to find all products associated with it. Examples:  “anxiety,” “protection,” “sleep,” “belief systems” et cetera.

Feel free to view all products, but keep in mind, it is 60+ pages and growing!

Please watch our Youtube video Charging and Clearing Crystals for more information.

We use a chain to help photograph our pendants to show our customers what it would look like on. We do not include chains with any of our pendants, but we do offer some chains for sale. If the listing says Pendant it is the pendant only.

We strive to provide as accurate measurements as possible for our crystals and jewelry; however, please note that due to variations in natural materials and artisanal craftsmanship, sizes may vary slightly. We make every effort to ensure that the dimensions provided are approximate and reflect the general size of the item. If listing says "roughly" it is our approximate size we measured. Additionally, for jewelry items sourced from vendors, we rely on their approximate bead or pendant size information.

Our commitment to transparency means that if you ever receive an item that doesn't meet your expectations regarding size, you have the option to return it within 14 days of purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you with any concerns you may have regarding the size or fit of our products.

Shipping and Returns

We ship to anywhere in the world, with the exception of countries sanctioned by the US. (Currently: Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe).

We calculate our shipping based on weight, size of the box, and distance traveled, plus any additional fees for international shipping. 

We negotiate the best costs for shipping with delivery options for the type of service. You can decide what works best for your needs during checkout. 

Usually, we recommend using UPS as it tends to be the fastest, most affordable option. Priority Mail can take between 1-3 weeks, even longer for international orders and orders to Hawaii. We are not responsible for delays due to customs or international destinations.

If you do not see that your order has been shipped, or that it is not moving between shipping points, please contact a member of our Customer Relations Team with your order # immediately to:

We are happy to look into the issue for you and try to find a resolution. 

We take every precaution to ensure your order arrives safely and securely. That being said, we cannot guarantee its condition once it leaves our facilities.

If your order appears to have been damaged in transit, please contact us via email at and be sure to include a clear picture of the item(s) in question, from multiple angles if possible.

Many of our products are fragile both physically and energetically, and we can assure you that when any of our products leave our hands they are wrapped and padded with the utmost care. We will assess damages individually and work to provide you with a return or refund accordingly.

If products are missing please let us know and we will get them to you right away. 

We take time making sure your order is safely packed so that your crystals make the protected journey to you.

We care about the environment at Pink Heart Healing! We use Eco-Friendly materials such as biodegradable plastic bags and packing peanuts, as well as recyclable tissue paper.

With fragile crystals, we will use ethically sourced wool and tissue paper to ensure fragile crystals with safe travel.

Returns are accepted within certain parameters. Please visit our Returns Policy page for full details.

You will also find full shipping details as well.

Our biodegradable packing penuts can be added to your compost, or they can be dissolved in water. So you can wash them away in your sink at home! Use hot water for best results.

Our biodegradable bags and packing peanuts should not be put in the recycling.

Online Courses

Each online course series consists of short videos (approximately 3-5 minutes each) that break down elements of crystal healing, human energy anatomy, and aspects of personal development into easy-to-absorb lessons.

Each series contains several chapters (videos) that are supported by study guides that you can either download or have mailed to you (if you purchase them).

The courses offer exercise prompts that you can easily try at home on friends or family members. These practical exercises will help you build your healing experience.

It depends on the course.

The Introduction to Crystal Healing series is designed for crystal-lovers of all levels that would like to advance their understanding in a professional way. The series prepares students to begin working on clients or to provide practitioners already working in the Healing Arts to incorporate crystals into their practice.

For more advanced courses, it will be beneficial for students to have taken the previous class to build on their understanding and experience.

Some classes and Live Training sessions may require a certain experience level.

If you have any questions about the courses, please reach out to us at

At this time, the Introduction to Crystal Healing course does not include a certificate.

Students of the more advanced courses will receive a certificate of completion.

We are happy to answer your questions during your educational journey. Please feel free to email us at

and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

In addition to the videos and support materials, Beth Ann Kennedy will occasionally offer group training sessions to enrolled students.

These trainings may be in the form of a Live Stream demonstration, a pre-recorded session, or a question and answer forum. If you are currently enrolled or have taken a class in the past, you will be notified of special training sessions via email.

There are also many existing resources available on our YouTube Channel.

Tik Tok is a great place to get bite-sized blasts of crystal education and healing practices! Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms.

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