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Meet Beth Ann Kennedy

Meet Beth Ann Kennedy

Beth Ann Kennedy is a crystal expert, psychic, coach, and teacher of the intuitive arts. Pink Heart Healing is the incarnation of a lifetime of study, professional work, and exploration of the physical world and divine esoteric experiences.

She has devoted her life and work to understand the more profound questions of our existence and how to best navigate life events and complex human emotions.

As a student, practitioner, and teacher of crystal healing since 2007, her methods can connect you with your own multi-dimensionality.

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Discover Hidden Strength and Courage with Aquamarine

Aquamarine for Courage

 Life can require us to have a lot of courage. For many, just getting through from day to day can…

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Grounding, Balancing, and Protective: Hematite for All

Hematite Collection

Hematite is a mineral that everyone should own. Practical, grounding, and protective, it is a stone for the Root Chakra…

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Hyalite Opal: A Visionary, Psychic stone that Cuts Through Illusions

There are only a few minerals that I cannot live without, and Hyalite Opal is one of them. It is…

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Astrology for March 2022

March is a relatively quiet month, astrologically. We will have our moments of celestial activity, but with less intense cosmic…

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Halite: Dissolve Negativity With This Masterpiece Mineral

Halite is a masterpiece of minerals that dissolves negativity like no other. It reminds us that even things that seem…

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Soothe Your Energy Feild with Chrysocolla

Soothe the Energy Field with Chrysocholla

Sometimes we just need a friend to tell us that everything will be okay. We need the reassurance that someone…

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2022 Astrology: Cosmic Events To Help Manifest Your Goals

2022 Astrology

The Astrology of 2022 Amazing News!   The Astrology for 2022 is aligned for manifestation. It is much more hopeful, optimistic…

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How to Connect to Universal Consciousness with Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz, or the Lemurian Seed Crystal, is a legendary stone essential for any crystal healer’s collection. This stone connects…

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Morganite: A Loving Stone for Healing the Planet

Morganite’s energy is like a loving, comforting hug. If you want to find your higher calling through your heart, this…

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Astrology for December 2021: Revealed Truth, Heightened Intuition

Astrology for December

The astrology for December 2021 is full of activity in the skies above. As we begin the month, Neptune goes…

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The Powerful Transformation that Malachite Brings

Malachite the Stone of Transformation

Malachite is a stone of Transformation. People love Malachite for many reasons. It has a beautiful, velvety green color that…

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November Astrology: What Lies in Scorpio’s Watery Depths

November Astrology

November’s astrology begins with a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th. The dark, watery depths of our unconscious lives…

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How Sonoran Sunrise Can Heal Energetic Separations in the Body

Sonoran Sunrise is a stunning stone that is only mined in Sonora, Mexico. Also called Sonoran Sunset, its vibrant coloring…

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Healing Properties of The Captivating Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz

What are the healing properties of Angel Aura Quartz? And, how is it SO beautiful?   Angel Aura Quartz, also called…

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Power & Beauty: Titanium Aura Quartz

Titanium Aura Quartz is an intensely potent stone that can be used for energetic protection, personal empowerment, and manifestation. As…

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Under the Witchy October Skies

Astrology for October, 2021 We have some transitional astrology for the month of October, with the cosmos providing exciting movement…

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The Illuminating Full Moon in Pisces

The Illuminating Full Moon in Pisces Astrology

This week in astrology is filled with peaceful transitions that hopefully are memorable and pleasant. First, the Full Moon in Pisces arrives on…

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The New Moon in Virgo

What does tonight’s New Moon is in Virgo bring? This is an incredible time for organization and planning. This is…

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Gemini Season is Here ♊️

Gemini Season Astrology

Gemini Season Astrology Gemini season starts may 20th, so we are moving into some pretty intense astrology over the next…

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Crystals for the many aspects of Mother

Mother's Day Gift Guide

? Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide is Here ? Mother’s Day is a day where we come together to honor…

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Signs from Above: The Importance of Asking for Divine Guidance

Asking for and receiving “signs” from the universe has become a global practice. Getting a sign is like a nod…

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How Belief Systems Can Change Your Life

How Belief Systems Can Change Your Life

I want to discuss belief systems and the ways we can recover from them. Let’s walk through how updating and…

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The Over-Thinker’s Remedy: Lepidolite

Lepidolite for Overthinkers

What is the most important stone in crystal healing? I am frequently asked this question. Many want to know which…

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Pyrite for Protection from EMF’s


Pyrite for Protection from EMFs Beth Ann Kennedy discusses how PYRITE is used for protection from EMFs. Pyrite is a…

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Amethyst and the Path to Divine Purpose

Amethyst Sphere

Amethyst and the Path to Divine Purpose The beauty of amethyst is enchanting for many people. Its shade of purple…

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You May Be an Empath – Here’s Why

A lot is going on in the world right now. Many people are beginning to understand that there’s more to…

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Past Lives and Gender Identity

Past Lives and Gender Identity

Let’s discuss gender identity and past lives. Have you ever thought that WHO you were in a past life might…

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Purpose and Purity with Emerald

Emerald is a very famous member of the Beryl family. While most of us are used to seeing emerald in…

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How to Practice Radical Self-Acceptance

Let’s discuss radical self-acceptance. I’d like to show you ways to incorporate this practice into your life, and how simple…

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Why Tourmaline is the Empath’s Best Friend

Black Tourmaline Protection Crystal

The Empath and Black Tourmaline Empaths and Black Tourmaline go hand in hand. The unique properties of this stone help…

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Why Some Feel Crystals and Others Don’t

One of the most common desires that people experience when beginning to work with stones as healing tools is the…

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How to Use Crystals, Part 3: During Sleep

Did you know that crystals can initiate healing and personal development even while we sleep? During sleep, our bodies are…

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How to Use Crystals, Part 2: In the Home, Workspace, and Car

Learning to use crystals for the home, at work and in the car can transform any space you happen to…

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How to Use Crystals, Part 1: Wearing and Carrying

Welcome to Part I of this series, discussing the different ways you can incorporate healing crystals into your daily life….

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All Things Patience with Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla is an exquisite member of the copper family. It is present abundantly throughout metaphysical healing. It presents itself in…

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What Is A Chakra?

What is a Chakra?

Align My… What? You’ve probably heard it before – “align your chakras” is frequently heard from spiritual practices, businesses, teachers,…

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How to Clean your Crystals, Part 3: Using Other Stones

Keeping your crystals clean is essential to their longevity, luster, and metaphysical ability. In Part 1 and 2 of the…

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How to Clean your Crystals, Part 2: With Household Items

Cleaning and Clearing Your Crystals Blog

As a professional crystal healer and psychic medium, it is one of the questions I am asked the most –…

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How to Clean your Crystals, Part 1: Using Nature

Clearing Crystals with Nature

As a professional crystal healer and psychic medium, it is one of the questions I am asked the most –…

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Labradorite for Protection and Magic

Labradorite is one of the most popular metaphysical stones and often one of the first that people buy. Its dazzling…

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Moonstone and the High Priestess

Moonstone Blog

Often called “the stone of new beginnings,” Moonstone holds the key to integration and harmony within the self. Change is…

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Clearing Your Energy with Nature

Clearing Your Energy with Nature Blog

The number one thing you can do to clear your energy in a pinch is to get outside.  From a crisis…

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Harness Your Higher Self: The Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra Higher Self Blog

Have you ever noticed that people who feel deeply connected to their spirituality seem more optimistic and at peace with…

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Enhance Your Psychic Abilities: The Third Eye Chakra Awakening

The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth chakra, called ajna, is known to sit in the center of the brain,…

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What Are Spirit Animals?

Spirit Animals are Spirit Guides of a higher frequency who are wonderful messengers and teachers. Spirit Animals may be wild…

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What Are Ancestral Spirits?

What are ancestral spirits?

I love working with Ancestral Spirits. When I give psychic readings to a new client, some of the first people…

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What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are a core group of beings that your soul has known for a long time and trusts very…

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Bridging the Gap: The First and Second Chakra.

Although located closely on the physical body, the vortexes of the first and second chakra are often worlds apart.

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Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love & Healthy Boundaries

Rose Quartz is well known as the stone of unconditional love. When you connect with unconditional love, you are connecting…

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Orange Calcite for Emotional Healing

Orange Calcite softens the sensation of intense emotions from traumas so that we may gain new insights or a new, more logical perspective of a traumatic event.

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3 Tips to Improve your Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements to help you become what you need to be in life and in the world.  They are…

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Insights on Intention Setting

intention setting

Setting intentions is an empowering practice that can change your life when done properly. When used properly intention can greatly enhance…

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Healing Addictions With Amethyst

When you’re trying to change your coping mechanisms and habits, simply carrying a stone in your pocket with the intention of healing patterns, is a wonderful support system to help you manifest change.

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There is Something Divine about Pink Tourmaline

My first encounter with Pink Tourmaline was during a difficult time in my life. I was feeling disappointment from unrequited…

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My Love affair with Aquamarine

I had received Aquamarine jewelry as gifts since childhood; based on it being my birthstone. Wearing aquamarine as a birthstone…

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Prehnite: A Stone for Dreaming and Remembering”

When people think of healing crystals, Prehnite is not the first crystal that comes to mind. Prehnite is not visually…

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Waiting For a Sign

One of the great practices of mystics, shaman and spiritual people is the practice of looking for signs. Signs are…

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Insights on Crystal Healing

  I am often asked why work as a crystal healer and the answer is simple, I absolutely love crystal…

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How Did That Happen?

You were not paying attention. That’s what happens in life because it sneaks up on you.  You thought you were…

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The Ascended Masters and You

There is a great collective of ascended beings to help you; they connect to you via intuition or astral projection. …

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What is an Ascended Master?

An ascended master is a being that has lived on earth and achieved greatness on many levels.  This greatness comes…

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