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Are you ready to take the first step on a new career path where you can integrate crystals, energy, personal development and intuitive skills? Now you can with our Professional Crystal Healing Series, developed and taught by Beth Ann Kennedy.

Learn foundational concepts and professional techniques to use on clients and loved ones during healing sessions.
Designed for students of all levels.

Identifying Crystals 101

Designed for beginners, this course will help you establish your fundamental understanding of the six main physical aspects of crystals.

Learn about the physical qualities to look for to determine the crystals category and quality.



Introduction to Professional Crystal Healineg

The Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing is a series of videos and exercises that provide practical experience in developing your skills.

Learn the art of using crystals, minerals, and healing tools to work on the energy field of clients and the people in your life.


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Series 1: Professional Crystal Healing

Level up your practice in Professional Crystal Healing with new techniques using a range of minerals on your clients, friends and family.

Go deeper into the Human Energy Field as we explore the Chakras, the Aura, and the Subtle Bodies. Learn how to work on and within the layers of the energy field and how different crystal interact with human energy anatomy.


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Bundle & Save!

Buy both Intro to Professional Crystal Healing and Series 1 together.

The bundle includes printed study guide notebooks and six-month access to videos. Start your healing journey today!


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Full Crystal Healing Sessions

Learn by observation as Beth Ann Kennedy performs crystal healing on live clients from beginning to end. Get insight on how to connect with a client's energy and ways to communicate throughout the sessions.


Calm & balance the mind

This professional healing technique can be used as the beginning of a session to calm and balance your clients mind.



Free Grounding Demo

When people become ungrounded, a part of their energy anatomy leaves the lower half of their body and pushes up into the top half of the physical body.

In this Demo Video, you will learn a simple technique and which stones work well to ground your clients.


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No matter where you are at on your path of healing and self-discovery, learning to work with crystals can amplify the energy and potential within you.