Ammonite is a fossilized cephalopod shell from the Jurassic – Cretaceous periods. They are found all over the world, but these are from Madagascar. Fossils are different in that they contain the energy of an ancient living organism and the crystal energy they have formed over time. These Ammonite shells include sacred geometry, and the spiral follows the Golden Ratio. This unwinding of the spiral indicates everything is happening in divine time. These little ancient treasures can help you understand how life unfolds and how everything happens in divine time. In that way, they bring tremendous patience and understanding of larger forces at work. They can help with trust, belief, and proper manifestation. 

They are also comforting, so you know things are working according to plan, and everything will be okay. They can also help you better understand the dimensional time and how things can develop over thousands of human years, like the soul. They are also suitable for finding old wounds in the energy field where the aura has become "fossilized ." They can help you turn that wound into a learning lesson, so it transmutes the old hurt into a thing of beauty

Fossils, in general, have been used to increase telepathic communication between this and other worlds and dimensions. They also are used to heighten and supplement one's accomplishments in business and bring excellence to one's actions. They also are used to release old programming and habits so that one can be open to new ways of being. Ammonites, in particular, are known to help one find the place to start a new project and give insight on how to see the whole picture.

It is protective and brings stability and structure to one's life. It can also help get the energy of survival to a person lacking this somewhat motivational energy. This, combined with its ability to help with transformational depression, can be good for those who want to quit when attempting to heal. They are also stimulating to architects and those in the field of construction. They help support relaxation.  The lighter translucent ammonites connect the upper body chakras to the chakras above the crown.