Aragonite, Pink

Pink Aragonite - there is a childlike joy that is refreshing and peaceful. This is a stone for healing a wounded inner child that needed to grow up fast and never got to be a child. It has all the mystery and magic seen through a child's eyes and restores the endless possibilities that exist when we are young.

This is a heart stone and a healing one at that. This stone can transport you back to a time and place where things were pure and simple (even if it was never that way).

This mineral could be used to rescue the broken and separated parts of the self, and it is reparative to a broken heart. It would be healing for grief and good for the stage when you are ready to let go. It could help you filter the painful memories so only the joy remains.

This mineral can also help you listen to yourself better. Whether it is your inner guidance, the whisperings of your heart, or the mysteries of your unconscious, sit with this mineral and listen to yourself.

This is a soft, feminine stone, and it promotes a more receptive nature. It is suitable for someone who wants to let love into their life or is too assertive and needs to learn to be open-minded. This would also be useful to learn to listen better. It has the potential to strengthen the heartbeat and chi of the heart. This is a stone for a goddess.