Moonstone, Black

Black Moonstone is a captivating and enchanting crystal that holds immense power and significance. It encompasses all the qualities that make moonstone special, such as its association with the divine feminine, astral travel, dream work, intuition, and emotional healing. However, Black Moonstone delves even deeper into the profound mysteries of the universe. It represents the hidden and unspoken aspects of our being, the realms we explore during astral travel, the conversations we have with spiritual masters in meditation, and the subconscious depths of our dreams. It embodies the enigmatic allure of the dark side of the moon.

Black Moonstone embraces the celebration of magic and mystery, making it an ideal companion for sorcerers, wizards, and covens of witches. It possesses the extraordinary power, energy, and secrets necessary for manifestation, teaching us the mastery of the universe's mysteries. Despite its intense potency, this stone radiates happiness and seeks to protect those who work with it. Holding Black Moonstone brings comfort and joy, particularly when used to facilitate deep and restful sleep. It is a stone that aids in divination, scrying, remote viewing, and the enhancement of intuition, providing a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of one's important place in the grand tapestry of existence.