Quartz- Blue Tourmaline Included

Blue Tourmaline in Quartz is a tool that helps you solve a problem and assists in softening hostile situations or relationships. It helps in dissolving stuck behavior patterns that may be damaging to the self and helps adjust imbalances in one’s life. Blue Tourmaline activates the throat and third-eye chakras, as it aids in psychic visions, spiritual awareness and clear communication. This stone helps those to be of service to others while actualizing the benefits of service to humanity, the environment and the self. It also promotes living in harmony with the environment and is great stone for healers as it prevents negativity from lingering in the aura after a session. It activates the consciousness to find those who are of like mind and it assists with speaking your mind. It attunes you to the numbing effect of your anger and assists in releasing it. It can attune you to the underlying causes of your anxiety so you may release it.  Excellent for the nervous system and disorders of the nervous system.