Celestite is a celebrated stone in the metaphysical community for its very high vibration and its beautiful crystals. Celestite is a blue-grey color and is traditionally associated with the throat chakra however it can be used with the third-eye and crown as well.   It is a stone to help you connect with the angels and transmit information from their realm. It is also good in stimulating clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, as well as dream recall and astral travel. It is good for problem solving and helps to comprehend all aspects of solution. It is noted to help with balance of the yin yang energies and stabilizing against outside forces. It is excellent for holding space in one’s healing and meditation space to promote positive energy. It calms and sharpens the mind helping to dispel worry and promoting clarity. It promotes a more positive disposition and peaceful co-existence and harmony with all creation. It has been used with disorders of the eyes, eliminating toxins, eliminating pain and returning cellular order.