Chrysocolla Collection

Chrysocolla is an aqua blue mineral from the copper family, known for its peaceful and tranquil energy. It is also an excellent stone for communication and the development of the energies and skills of the throat. It helps to open and strengthen the throat so it may become a more useful and dependable part of the being. It is also very connective to the other energy centers of the system. Chrysocolla can use it to communicate better what is happening throughout the system, which can be a vital skill when learning about the self. It also helps with communication control, knowing when to speak and when to stay silent. 

It is a stone to honor and develop the divine feminine in all people, and it connects you on a spiritual level with the Goddess. It brings a level of awareness to your inner and energetic self and clears and aligns all the chakras with divine energy. It also helps with self-awareness and can promote good communication when providing sacred messages. It has some creative energies and can be used to conjure visions and has been used on vision quests when seeking long-term solutions. It is a healer’s mineral and can be used in the third eye to stimulate psychic visions, develop clairsentience, and help you attune to the subtle energies of psychic empathic information. 

It is a stone for the heart, and it helps to ease and heal heartache and break. It is incredibly comforting and reassuring. It aligns all the chakras from the base through the throat. It dissolves negativity of all kinds with particular emphasis on negative emotions. It can help create stamina and physical vitality and support one through stressful or ongoing situations. It also assists with patience inner peace and reduces mental tensions. It is a mineral that can help you develop dimension and self-reflection, and it can assist with greater self-control. It can put a pause in between trigger and reaction, so it is beneficial to help develop better impulse control.  

It has been used to help heal the pancreas and energetically balance blood sugars. It can help you attune to what you need to support and manifest perfect health. Chrysocolla can use it to help heal inflammation of the joints and arthritis.