Dioptase is a rare, breathtaking mineral that is a divine gift. It brings a level of heart healing that a person otherwise can take centuries to achieve.  

Dioptase garners a massive amount of respect in the healing community to a degree of being legendary in status. It nears perfection in its capacity to heal. This stone can reawaken almost any stagnant and closed-off heart– if you are looking to bring a heart back from the dead or warm a frozen heart, consider Dioptase.   

When used to release and heal generational trauma to the heart, Dioptase has a high success rate. The pain and suffering of your ancestors are no longer necessary for you to carry. With Dioptase, you can actually feel the energetic imprints leaving you as you work with this stone.  

This is a stone of enrichment. It can enhance your personal experience and daily life– which carries to society at large as well as the planet. It can also help to eliminate a sense of lack and help you to release the pattern of oppressive feelings and situations.  

Dioptase is a stone of living in the moment. It helps you to be free of the past and release the anxiety about the future. It encompasses the energy that nothing exists but the present moment and that we should be here for that.  

Working with this stone helps to stimulate intuition and attune to your spiritual self. It also facilitates past life recall so well that you not only remember past lives, but understand their significance in your current life and why you needed to have that experience for the greater evolution of your soul.  

It balances the yin and yang and brings energetic alignment while stimulating the loving energy of the heart.