Quartz- Double Terminated

A Double Terminated Quartz is a crystal which has grown a  termination point on both ends. It has formed freely in the ground, not growing in a matrix or in a cluster. It is unique in this way and it brings the user a sense of independence, uniqueness and the ability to stand on their own. Therefore it is excellent in helping to release co-dependent or needy tendencies and helps you to be more indiviual. It is  is excellent for energetic protection and psychic attack. It can help one to strengthen their energy/auric field and create a stronger shield.  It is most useful in assisting in releasing cords from others and blocking the cord from re-entering . Cords occur as an energetic tie between humans and need to be released daily. Double terminated Quartz are most useful with the strongest and deepest of cords from pervasive energies, when relationships need to end and boundaries need to form.   Great for help from aggressive energies where you can feel them "pulling" on you.