Halite- This mineral enhances good will, elevates moods, and diminishes negativity. This stone is helpful in balancing mood swings and stabilizing one’s mood. It can provide insight to allow greater freedom with respect to meeting expectations. It allows one to dig deep within themselves to find ancient solutions to modern day issues. It has been used in the treatment of colon and lower intestinal disorders, and to augment strength in physical activities. It helps bring clarity to the mind and cleanses the pores of the skin. Pink Halite has additional attributes as it is a special hue of halite. This shade includes clearing of the Heart Chakra, assisting in regenerative growth, and dispelling oppression. This mineral is not suitable for wearing or carrying, as it is very fragile. Having this mineral in one’s surroundings or environment can facilitate feelings of love and well-being. Halite will dissolve in water.