Hematite is an iron oxide, and it is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. You can use it on its own or with other minerals such as quartz, and it is very commonly found in minerals such as Tangerine Quartz, Golden Healer, and Super Seven.

 It is an excellent grounding stone, helps with coordination and dexterity, and helps you to be more practical. It allows you to come to terms with mistakes through acceptance and encourages recognition towards shedding self-limitations. It is also considered protective and has been known to shield the aura.  

It stimulates concentration, focus, memory, and original thought. Whether you are planning, organizing, or needing to understand your internal thoughts, hematite is a mental stone that can help you find solutions and resolutions. It is excellent to enhance memory, critical thinking, and logic. It is known as a stone for the mind.  

It has a tremendous effect on your energy, bringing balance in both the masculine and feminine energies and the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. This can make you feel more harmonious and encourage you to find more peace and harmony. If you need self-control and discipline in personal habits, this is excellent for overcoming addictions and compulsions

It can help attract a loving relationship and help you to feel worthy of a loving relationship.  

In crystal healing, we use it as a vacuum to remove things from the energy field, and it is well known to not only release negativity but to transform it into pure universal light. To do this, you can either carry it on you or use it intentionally in meditation.  

It’s also widely used in working and healing disorders related to the blood and is noted to help with leg cramps, nervous disorders, and insomnia. 

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