Jade is an excellent stone to facilitate and work with sleep and dreams.

It facilitates strong and insightful dreams to help with problem solving and release of suppressed emotions. In addition, jade can help you to remember your dreams when you awake so you can continue to extract information in the waking state. It can also assist with overcoming negative thoughts and is harmonizing of the mental state.

Jade is a symbol of purity and a “stone of fidelity." Jade can provide confidence, self-assurance, help one to realize their full potential, and promote devotion to your purpose. It is great for “dreamers” and a stone to help you become self-sufficient.

It is a wonderful stone for soothing emotions and is particularly helpful to pacify irritability. For healers, it is a great stone to attune to the needs of others and excellent when making assessments of issues facing the client.

Jade attracts good luck, friendship, a long and fruitful life, and offers a smooth transition at the end of life. It is good for releasing toxins from the body, particularly the kidneys. It supports the heart and supports the healing of disorders of such. It is also good for the skin and hair.