Kammererite is an extraordinary stone. It’s a member of the chlorite and clinochlore group of minerals which are par excellence in the realm of healing stones.

Kammererite brings the user a heightened state of awareness and integration, allowing access to the understanding of your dimensionality. In this state, you are able to make decisions and movements in life from a multi-dimensional place. This gives it the association with being a stone for spiritual development, based on its noted ability to stimulate the third-eye and crown chakras. While Kammererite has this powerful ability, it’s not severe in this action and can actually be very comforting and stabilizing.

In addition, kammererite promotes harmony with others through becoming more positive, flexible, and accepting. It’s particularly useful in the practice of healing and changing one’s beliefs from childhood and currently being used in a crystal healing technique to open new pathways of thinking in one’s mind. It’s also notable for clearing the aura and activating chakras.

If you’re looking to gain access to the truth in your heart, or in need of a spiritual vision, this is a stone for you.