Labradorite- Rainbow

Rainbow labradorite 

Rainbow Labradorite is a variety of Labradorite that exhibits the full spectrum of color in its flash. While there may be a strong presence of one specific color, if there is even a slight appearance of the rainbow spectrum, it will carry the energetic properties of the rainbow along with the energetic properties of the main color.  

Rainbow Labradorite is a healing, joyful, uplifting mineral, and it radiates positivity. It’s comforting and helps renew your spiritual connection.  It is also a healing and comforting mineral when you are having a spiritual crisis.

It is also a mineral that can help you see the big picture, especially if you worry about the future and you want to get answers so you feel more comfortable.  It helps you be more intuitive and facilitates breakthroughs. It helps to develop trust in the process and strengthen your relationship with divine timing.

It is also a very good mineral to help you cut through illusions that blind you to abusive behavior.  This is useful to people who are overly tolerant of others' bad behavior.   It helps you to grow and strengthen healthy boundaries.  


Labradorite is a treasured metaphysical stone known for its iridescent shimmer that runs from yellow, orange to blue.  The Spectrolite version will also contain purples and reds.  It is very useful in protection and can be used to shield the aura and help to keep the aura clear and free from leaks.  It is also excellent at deflecting unwanted energies.  It has magical energies and attunes the user to their magical powers.  It is a bringer of light and helps one to connect to their purpose.  It helps you attune to your intellectual, spiritual, and psychic wisdom allowing you to synthesize them so they may work together.  It calms an overactive mind and brings quiet introspection.  It stimulates creativity and promotes unity.  It can be used to help reduce stress or anxiety.