Calcite - Mangano

Mangano calcite- Known from legend as the stone of love, it can transform the heart chakra helping it to omit a bright pink energy. This stone helped me find my namesake, Pink Heart. It awoke my slumbering heart and lead me down my true path. 


Our heart takes the pain of so many disappointments in life and holds them from one lifetime to the next.  This repetitive cycle of broken hearts creates a numbness that can last for lifetimes.  This stone helps to reawaken the heart and return feeling and sensitivity to the heart chakra and energy field.  It can help you work from the heart and helps balance the feminine aspects of the heart energy.  This mineral really promotes an experience of self-love and promotes behaviors that support self love and respect.  It can help dispel any habits that work against inner-peace, and provides insight on how to deal with difficult situations from a loving perspective.  It helps you to identity where you have a sense of lack and correct the faulty perception.  Healing energy, loving energy, and selflessness are all available in this stone.  It takes one to the very center of their nature and provides the courage and faith to go through life.  It teaches love and compassion and balances the many sides of our personality.  It helps one to find their soul mate/twin flame and can be used in manifesting love in one’s life.  It can be used to purify the blood, bolster the immune system and encourage healing around the kidneys.  It also can be used to balance the eye chakras.