Moonstone is known as an opalescent variety of Orthoclase and ranges in color from white to peach. Known for luster, Moonstone ranges from transparent to semi-translucent.

Moonstone is definitively a stone associated with the divine feminine and the lunar energy of the moon. It relates to intuition, unconscious, birth, and flow. 

It is often called “the stone of new beginnings” and provides introspection, receptivity, and understanding of cyclical change. Its calming nature relieves emotional tension and provides emotional intelligence. This stone is good for calming emotional triggers and helps inhibit the tendency to overreact to them.

Moonstone promotes receptivity and passivity and is the antidote to excessive masculinity in both men and women. It is a talisman of good fortune and provides good luck to travelers. It brings forward positive self-expression and creativity and opens one up to serendipity and synchronicity. It promotes self-awareness, removes obstacles in your path, and helps to actualize the Divine Self.

It attunes you to your system’s natural biorhythms and is very good for women who experience trouble with their menstrual cycle. It alleviates PMS and disease with menstrual pain. It is great to treat shock and trauma and excellent for hyperactive children. It also helps to release toxins from the body, particularly the digestive and elimination systems.