Jasper, Ocean


Ocean Jasper - While Ocean Jasper falls into orbicular jasper, this lovely stone from Madagascar has gained its personality. It can facilitate a significant shift in the state of one’s consciousness, from tense and anxious to calm and grounded. This shift would not be associated with acute trauma or stressor. Still, it would relate more to an experience of tension built up over time, including from a project or experience that causes a person to become overstimulated or from a situation such as having a baby or launching a new work project.

Even when circumstances surrounding transitions are pleasant, the changes can cause a person to be overly excited for an extended time and need to release that energy through rest to recuperate for the next significant shift. Ocean jasper is a great companion for those who are naturally ambitious and have the drive to be successful. This stone helps to balance that dynamic energy when needed and realize that relentless driving without rest or balance will eventually turn on itself and work against you. The system requires balanced energy to be in a place of optimum success. Ocean jasper is excellent for clearing the emotional body of old wounds and provides healing by nurturing the self.