Pietersite stimulates the third-eye and enhances all the intuitive capabilities. It aligns all the energy centers and grounds you into the etheric body, which promotes travel to other realms. It is a stone of visioning and can help you on a vision quest or shamanic journey and it brings precognitive guidance. It also promotes accessing higher states of consciousness and awareness.   It dispels the illusion of separateness and removes conditioning and beliefs by other people.   It enhances clarity of thought and promotes illumined insight. It can help you to see built up internalized thoughts and feelings and helps you to clear them so you may have a better relationship with yourself. It allows to be open to new experiences in life and to move past what you know and see what exists on the horizon. It helps you to recognize beauty of the self, soul and the world. It is said to contain “the keys to the kingdom of heaven”. It has been used to stimulate the pineal gland and has been used for support and regulation of the endocrine system.