Pink Opal

Pink Opal- Pink Opal has a soft, loving energy that aligns the consciousness with the heart chakra. This is an excellent stone to carry or wear over some time for those wanting to gently open and heal the heart chakra. It does connect with hidden emotions in the heart chakra, so it can bring up difficult emotions that need to be healed. This is particularly true of emotional pain from other lifetimes still carried in the psyche. This emotional release can bring about clearer thinking and reasoning and allow you to make decisions and plans intuitively connected.

It is considered to be a stone to help awaken those on their spiritual path and aids in teaching love and non-violence. It facilitates healing on all energetic levels and assists with meditation and connecting with realms of higher consciousness. It can also be very comforting and soothing to those who are ill or in need, offering the equivalent of loving parental energy.