Tourmaline- Pink

Tourmaline – Pink- This is the stone to connect us into divine love.  Divine love is essential in all healing matters, particularly in matters of the heart and relationships.  It can heal us by assisting in connecting to the vibration of divine love while releasing the need to seek love from others.  It is when we seek love from others and not the divine self, that we become codependent or needy in relationships. Divine love is also self-love and this stone will help us to come to the realization that there is abundant love for all, and all is love. Pink tourmaline relates us to creativity while keeping us connected to the self and all that is around us. It connects to the crown and heart chakra enhancing the higher aspects of the state of divine love.  It can disperse emotional pain and old destructive feelings through our heart chakra. Assisting you in the attainment of peace and understanding, trust and awareness, and love. This mineral acts as a holistic medicament helps bring the body to unification to help treat disorder. It helps balance dysfunction in the endocrine system, and it has been used to treat disorders of the heart, lungs, and skin.