Prehnite Collection

Prehnite is a stone for intuition, premonition, and dreaming. It is excellent for opening blocks in awareness and promoting change in our thoughts and feelings. Usually green to yellow in color, Prehnite is one of the very few stones in the mineral kingdom that links the Heart Chakra directly to the Solar Plexus. It shows us how to lead with our hearts is a wonderful stone for healing and new growth.

This stone helps us see things how they truly are and use the senses accurately, making it excellent for empaths. It creates awareness of perception and allows you the space to change that perception if it does not suit you. Prehnite can multiply energy and is an excellent stone for gridding.

Prehnite is extraordinary for dreaming, remembering, and astral travel. This incredible stone can bring prophecy and help make accurate, insightful predictions. This is especially true when dealing with spiritual growth. Working with Prehnite can connect us to entities such as spirit guides and guardian angels. For the intuition, it brings a strong sense of 'knowing' from deep within. It helps foster claircognizance and can prepare you for situations you have not yet experienced.

Prehnite helps drain the lymph systems, calms and balances the adrenals, and aids digestion.