Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone is a remarkable type of igneous rock known for its historical significance and distinct blue-gray hue. This unique stone is primarily quarried in the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire Wales, making it one of the few geological materials closely associated with the British Isles. It gained global recognition due to its use in the construction of Stonehenge, which also led to its controversial and mysterious energy. 

It possesses a mystical aura that makes it extremely beneficial in magic or spellwork of any kind.

Many believe this stone can enhance one's connection to the earth's energies and provides an extremely protective barrier around the user.

It also naturally attracts your soul tribe, spiritual mentors, and those who are on the same soul path

Its calming and grounding energy is said to deepen meditation experiences, helping individuals access higher states of consciousness and spiritual insight.

This stone also helps to stimulate intuition and discern whether one is telling the truth in a situation.

It can assist you in connecting to ancestors, especially if they were connected to the original area. 

Due to its historical connection to Stonehenge, this stone is often seen as a bridge to ancient wisdom and knowledge. Referred to as "a portal," it can be used to tap into the energies and insights of the past.