Pyrite, Cubes

Pyrite- Iron Pyrite or "Fool's Gold" is an abundant mineral that grows in many formations and can be found all over the world. Pyrite is derived from the Greek word for fire, "pyr", due to its ability to strike against each other and produce sparks.

Pyrite is great for shielding your energy from negativity and polluting energies from electronics to infectious diseases. This very positive crystal helps you to overcome feelings of inadequacy. It can be used to remove negative influences around you and give you the courage to remove these negative influences from your life.

Pyrite can help you to see beyond facades and what lies behind others’ (and your own) motivations. Pyrite alleviates anxiety and frustration and promotes a positive attitude aligned with success. It can be used on a desk at work and is great when planning for business. Pyrite can foster creativity and learning through perseverance, which makes it good for students or learners.

It helps protect people who do dangerous work, shielding you from physical harm. It can enhance intellect and memory, stimulating the recall of pertinent information.

It is very good at stimulating masculine energies particularly for men who struggle with feelings of inadequacy. It is very nourishing to all levels of the energy bodies, aligning them with the higher frequencies. It can be used in repairing DNA/RNA and assists with reducing inflammation. As well as combat skin diseases, fungal infections, and cellular invasions by viruses. 


Pyrite Cubes- In addition to the energy of pyrite, this formation of pyrite grows in natural cubes which is a member of the platonic solids which is considered to be the element of earth in sacred geometry.

Platonic Solids have a vibration of wholeness and oneness and bring about realignment on the cellular and energetic planes.  The cube is associated with grounding and foundation.