Quartz, Golden Healer

Quartz, Golden Healer- Is a master healing mineral that elevates to the highest level the already masterful healing energy of quartz. Once, Golden Healer quartz was considered relatively clear quartz covered with a transparent golden-yellow mineral that was possibly Iron-hydrate and usually found in Arkansas. Golden Healer Quartz Activates and balances your solar plexus, crown, and root chakra. This energy will stabilize and nurture you.

Golden Healer quartz is a highly respected mineral in the healing community and is considered one of the minerals par excellence for energy healing. It channels an intense amount of universal energy and helps you understand how to get to your desired healing state. It restores whole systems and moves toward optimum functioning, and it is so comprehensive that it helps your system match the quartz's vibration.  

Using this quartz, you will begin to understand that healing is not isolated around an ailment, and it is a dimensional issue that needs to be addressed in multiple areas. This makes Golden healer quartz a fabulous healer, but it is also a tremendous teacher and educator for those who wish to learn more about healing energy.

Using this mineral, you will understand that healing could be a physical ailment, an emotional wound, or an incorrect thought pattern that keeps you from success. You may start to realize that your healing includes issues of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and subtle bodies. 

Golden healer energy is also incredibly malleable and helps you frame whatever needs to be healed by prompting you to use the correct language and action to manifest healing. It can help you understand that healing is a term that applies to the energy where a correction needs to be made.