Quartz, Lemurian

Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz, or the Lemurian Seed Crystal, is a legendary stone essential in any crystal healer's collection. These stones carry tremendous light and are highly programmable. They connect us to the vibration of the planet, universal consciousness, and can amplify life-force. 

The energy of the Lemurian Quartz is about unity and equality. These stones provide a multidimensional and universal connection between us all. Working with a Lemurian, you begin to understand that we are just a tiny part of a universal consciousness.

The term "Lemurian" was introduced by crystal author Katrina Raphaell. She channeled that these crystals were planted in the Earth during the last days of the Lemurian civilizationThe crystals are believed to store information from the Lemurian people. They are referred to as "seed" crystals as they were discovered placed vertically in rows, independent of any matrix as if they were planted. For more, watch our videos or read the blog.

The Diamantina area of Minas Gerais, Brazil, is the source of this crystal's discovery. The Lemurian crystals found here are still mined in this area, though the original 'Seed' crystals are long gone. For the most part, you can only find them in private collections.

In crystal healing, the name Lemurian refers to any crystal that meets the definition of shape, not necessarily the location of origin. These crystals grow worldwide and carry the same vibration and energy as the original Seed crystals, connecting to all similar crystals on the Earth. The sides feature pronounced horizontal ridges, which are vital– they connect you to Lemurian energy and information. Some suggest that these grow on specific ley lines connecting the planet. It forms a synchronization with the Earth itself, creating a greater dimension in your consciousness.

Working with these crystals, you begin to realize that the truth of humanity differs from the stories. There is a consciousness far beyond what humans can perceive. It becomes clear that the binding force of the universe is love. Working from love, we can evolve more profoundly than would ever be possible otherwise. 

Lemurian Quartz helps you understand energy, how energy works. It also shows you the relationship between Quartz and the human energy field. This is particularly important for energy healers and those working on self-healing through the mind. They conduct, amplify, and focus on the universal life force while aiding the healing power of the healer.

The faces of Lemurian crystals are relatively small. Viewing the crystal head-on, the shape is generally triangular. Crystal points commonly have six sides; however, the upper portion of a Lemurian has three sides while the base has six. 

Quartz- The energy traits classically associated with Quartz are energy amplification, memory, light-bearing, and programmability. Quartz brings in so much light it is said to connect us with the stars. It can be used to beam light, clear energy, heal wounds, and connect us to our higher Self. 

Quartz can be programmed to hold intent, which is helpful in just about any situation from healing to manifesting. It will retain a program until it is cleared.

Quartz amplifies energy, whether sending or receiving, and can be used to amplify the energies of other stones. Different formations and terminations have different characteristics; one can streamline intent by obtaining the correct formation. Clear Quartz can be used for any spiritual pursuit including: enhancing psychic abilities, communicating with spirit guides or other beings, channeling, dissolving karma, manifestation, healing, recalling past lives, astral travel, and expansion of consciousness.