Quartz, Rutilated

Quartz, Rutilated – a stone to help build and repair the structure in one’s life. It sizzles with a joyful energy and often feels electrified to the user. Rutilated quartz can be used to magnify the energy of any intention, it is a highly versatile and programmable stone. It tunes any song to that of the Divine and encourages action, gracefully. Soul retrieval and conscious awareness of choice are at the forefront with this stone, along with the ability to remove imprints and heal wounds caused by others. Rutilated quartz helps repair damaged relationships, either by forgiveness or release. Psychic opening, emotional catharsis, and even interdimensional travel are possible with this stone. The inclusions of Rutile work to expand and quicken all the inherent properties of quartz. It speeds up the manifestation process by amplifying pure intentions and consciousness. For those who desire enhanced psychic abilities, telepathic communication, or divine inspiration for a creative pursuit, rutilated quartz will be very helpful. It aids one in gaining knowledge of a spiritual origin and grounds light energy on the cellular level. Rutilated quartz is found in a range of colors, which influence how the stone will direct its light energy into the user. Red or brown Rutile inclusions will integrate higher frequencies in the body and can stimulate good health and abundance, while gold or orange inclusions activate creative energies and provide the ability to receive spiritual inspiration.