Shungite is a rare carbon-based stone known for its protective qualities, especially from electromagnetic energy (EMFs) and any type of radiation. It is excellent to keep around devices such as computers and cell phones. This stone is extremely grounding and activates all seven chakras.

Shungite can help protect you from toxic people. It creates an energetic shield and helps release the need, or desire, to be involved with negative energy. Wearing a piece of Shungite jewelry will help create and increase a protective barrier around you.

Another important aspect of Shungite is its ability to help heal any doubt that you are loved and protected by the creator. This stone can strengthen your relationship with the Divine so you can be in a place of trust and belief.

Shungite is also an excellent stone for clearing and detoxifying. It is used to purify the aura and remove toxins from the body. Experience a boost in physical energy and relief from stress when using this stone.

Shungite is approximately 2 billion years old. Discovered in Russia in 1879 in the Karelia region (near the Shun'ga village), it is mainly mined there still today.