Chakra- Sixth or Third-eye

The sixth chakra, called ajna, third eye or brown chakra, is located at the third eye (in between and just above eye level). The color associated with the third eye chakra is indigo blue and its element is light. A spiritual chakra, Ajna leads you to an inner knowledge that will guide you if you let it. It is the place of your intuition and your ability to “see” the unseen, know the unknown, feel the intangible and connect with the invisible world of spirit. It is home to our sense of consciousness and is directly related to your senses of sight and hearing. The basic issues of your brow chakra are intellect, perception, wisdom, insight, clarity, clairvoyance, imagination, dreams, channel, charismatic, egomaniac, intuition, ideas, reasoning, connection to the higher self and telepathy.

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