Tourmaline- Rubellite

Tourmaline – Rubellite – This stone enhances the will to understand love and inspires motivation in independence, while promoting one’s creativity in the different areas of love. it can be used to stimulate the base chakra  providing a direct pathway between our base and the heart chakra. This stone activates all of the qualities of the base chakra  and provides us with physical energy and vitality to our physical body. It aids in linking our heart to the world, so you can receive love and support from others and the energies around you. It is helpful for feelings of fear, by giving you courage to face difficulty and pain. This stone assists one in finding emotional strength to move out of difficult relationships and other types of emotional hardships. It further stimulates the healing qualities in the heart and had been used in treatments of disorders in the digestive system, the heart, lungs, and pancreas. This stone has also aided in the repair of reproductive systems and helps balance the structure of our blood vessels and veins.