Amethyst and the Path to Divine Purpose

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Amethyst and the Path to Divine Purpose

Amethyst and the Path to Divine Purpose

The beauty of Amethyst is enchanting for many people. Its shade of purple is stunning, and healers and crystal lovers alike value its broad accessibility. This abundant mineral comes out of the Earth in abundance. You can find amethyst in jewelry, specimen pieces, sculptures, and at every gem and mineral store. 

While people gravitate toward it for its beautiful purple hue, it is genuinely an excellent stone for awakening.

Tools for the Seeker

Amethyst connects the user to the Source and to the Higher Self. It guides our true identity and divine purpose, helping to put us on the right path.

Amethyst is truly a stone for spiritual attunement. A person who is awakening to the potential of working with spirituality, opening up to their intuition and self-awareness, will find amethyst an essential tool to have in one’s esoteric toolbox. This stone is anyone who realizes (or is beginning to feel) their soul is more extensive than they’ve yet understood.

Using amethyst for spiritual attunement means fulfilling the need to feel we are in alignment with our higher selves and divine life purpose. When people start to do this, there may be a sensation of feeling lost or questioning one’s identity and reason for being here. I have experienced these feelings as well, as I’ve been doing this work to some degree for my entire life. When I began working with amethyst and other crystals, they helped align me with who I am. They showed me where I needed to be, where I am going, and why I am here.

Relationships with others and the Self are affected by our ability to work through our experiences and feelings. By developing the intuition, one notices a sense of wholeness while the subtle bodies integrate. Amethyst will not only help you do this but will guide you toward a fuller and deeper path of recognizing your true potential.

The Purple Crown

Amethyst is powerful in helping align and open up the Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head. This is considered your spiritual chakra. In my visions, I have seen this chakra exist between the physical and etheric realms. Amethyst helps open the flow of energy from that spiritual center, allowing you to open up to what’s above you and integrate what is below the Crown Chakra in the physical body. Amethyst may even be grounding for certain people in this way.

If you want to work with amethyst, you can wear it, carry it or meditate with it. You can also sleep with amethyst under your pillow or by your bed. I prefer to meditate rather than sleep with this crystal as it feels more comfortable, but it’s essential to find what method works best. Amethyst can be worn in jewelry or put in the house– it’s great to have a piece of this mineral somewhere in the home.

Keep in mind that amethyst needs cleaning, so remember to clear your stone from time to time to keep the energy bright and fresh. Also, remember to keep amethyst out of direct sunlight, as this will cause its purple color to fade.

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