Embrace the Ebbs and Flows This Sagittarius Season

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After spending the past month in the deep, hibernating sign of Scorpio, Sagittarius season is ushering in a more light-hearted, optimistic energy.

This sign loves to bring humor and play into the heaviness of reality. One of their gifts is being the uplifting light to make the inevitable hardships of life more enjoyable.

While Scorpio wants to sit with the uncomfortable and hold onto every experience, Sagittarius insists on detaching and moving forward. They view life from a broader perspective, which allows them to view heavier situations from a higher level of understanding.

We just experienced a heavy, grand-finale Eclipse Season and immediately went into the deep waters of our own inner psyche to internalize our experience. Now, we are feeling called to transmute these intense emotions into passionate forward movement. ❤️‍🔥

This Jupiter-ruled fire sign brings a strong desire to expand and aid their internal quest. Sagittarius will stop at nothing in the pursuit of the meaning of life and understanding the bigger picture. It refuses to do small talk, and instead philosophizes, seeks wisdom, and asks endless questions.

Have you ever tried to contain a strong Sagittarius placement or pull their attention off of something their heart is set on? Best of luck.

Unlike its opposite sign Gemini, Sagittarius is on a quest for knowledge through experience.

Instead of searching through books, classes, and logic, it wants to gain its wisdom through human interaction, travel, and spiritual understanding.

The unfolding journey encompasses everything that life has to teach us- the ebbs and flows of existence. The ups and downs. Taking two steps forward, falling, taking two steps back, and launching forward.

Sagittarius craves it all, because it is in the full immersion of life that we learn the best.

This way of viewing life also makes Sagittarius an undeniably brilliant teacher. It is in their nature to teach- most likely through experience rather than in a confined classroom. This time of year inspires us all to embrace life to the fullest, because living authentically inspires others to do the same.

Sagittarius energy is ready to go all in, hit the road, bet it all, and take the risks necessary to get us further along in the game of life. 🌏

The Breakdown

Not going to lie, this Sagittarius season starts off feeling like we immediately have to hit the brakes.

The abrupt shift in energy is going to make you want to start sprinting forward in the pursuit of your deepest passions, but it’s important to know that going at a faster speed doesn’t guarantee better results.

If you are going 30 over to get to your destination, you might get there a minute or two faster than if you went the speed limit, but you put yourself and others at a much higher risk. The trip was probably high-stress and had you operating on autopilot. You might have even missed a turn because you weren’t paying attention or ran a stop sign along the way. And for what? Maybe a minute of shaved time? 

The illusion of cutting corners to get to the mountaintop is going to leave you feeling drained, depleted, and frustrated. You may get to where you need to go, but you’ll look back and realize you spent the entire trip submerged in the idea of the future. You missed the whole point, and that is the exact opposite of what Sagittarius is about. 

This is all because the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22nd, and it squares Saturn on the early morning of November 23rd.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, time, and structure. It represents reality checks and lessons, something that isn’t always the most pleasant to go through, but are essential to any type of human evolution and expansion. 🪐

This planet will drop a roadblock in the middle of your path where you least expect it and stand back to watch how you decide to handle it. It’s a tough-love, drop yourself in the deep end of the pool and see how you do- type of learning that can leave us feeling isolated and push us to our breaking points. 

That is why it’s important not to speed through Saturnian transits- it will just cause you to run into detours, miss important details, and make it to your destination with more problems than you started with. 

Then, the next day on November 24th, Mars enters Sagittarius and also squares Saturn.

When Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius, it can be a beautiful energy that motivates you to break through boundaries that prevent you from going after your desires. But in its over extension, it can sometimes charge forward too quickly without thinking anything through. 💢

Cue Saturn to halt you in your tracks.

Mars doesn’t like constriction.

This was a transit that actually occurred during the peak of the pandemic when we were all extremely restless and presented with undeniable boundaries and restrictions that forced us to pause. Looking back, I think we all have come to appreciate the benefits that this time period brought to our own personal development and even the shift that society has made regarding work and our division of time.

But we definitely did not feel that way in the thick of it.

Mars also has a huge role in the process of manifestation, as it holds the forward movement that we personally have to take in order to get us to where we desire to be.

Manifestation involves acting as if, but this is meant in a mental sense. Don’t overextend yourself or your resources because you are trying to quickly assert yourself into a future version of your manifestation. That’s not the way to get there. 

You can’t blatantly deny reality and force yourself somewhere else- that's not manifestation. That's being reckless.

You have to accept where you are and where your current resources lie in order to make rational decisions about moving forward. During this time, it’s important to ground yourself in the current moment and take stock of how far you’ve come and what progress you’ve already made.

But the important thing about any Saturnian transits is that it always points out the problem we are currently facing (but may not be aware of) and leaves us with clarity. The path to clarity might just involve some turbulence.

This energy carries through the first week of Sagittarius season, and it is met with the energy of a Gemini Full Moon on November 27th.

This is where the conscious awareness to slow down and go the speed limit really needs to be implemented.

Full Moons are historically times of higher energy and can bring chaos if it's left unbalanced. This one also has Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, squaring Neptune, the planet of illusion and the mystical realm. 

So, if the energy feels slighting like a mini Mercury Retrograde, anchor down and ground yourself- it will pass. It’s just going to feel like a tug-of-war for a moment. The Full Moon is going to want to think, talk, and analyze but the square puts a tension on this.

Be mindful of your words and remember that your perception in the moment doesn’t always translate perfectly. Conversations can easily flip and be misinterpreted, so if you find yourself getting easily offended or misheard, take a deep breath and distance yourself from the situation. Don’t internalize other people’s words too quickly or deeply, and remember there's always two sides to a situation. 🌗

Full moons are a potent time of release, a cleansing of anything holding you back from going forward throughout the remainder of the moon cycle.

What do you need to let go of to help your intentions you set during the Scorpio New Moon on November 13th come to fruition? Release anything that is creating that lump in your throat.

Then, on December 1st, Mercury enters Capricorn and sextiles Saturn.

Mercury is actually in its detriment in Sagittarius, meaning that it doesn’t operate as effectively. If you felt like you couldn't hold your tongue or watched seemingly random out-of-pocket explosions from others over the past few weeks, that impulsive energy is finally subsiding.

Take advantage of this positive energy to set boundaries where you need it and use this moment of insight to take stock of anything important that falls in your Capricorn-ruled house (It’s about to go through a retrograde).

Venus then enters Scorpio on December 4th and makes another uplifting transit with Saturn, bringing healthy structure within our relationships and perspectives on beauty.

Neptune stations direct on December 6th, bringing some more stable energy to the house that Pisces occupies in your chart.

To close out, we will have a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 12th and Mercury officially goes retrograde. 💥

The shadow period actually begins on November 25th, but the energy won’t fully be felt until mid December. Just don’t be surprised if communications start going a little haywire before the official date and use it as a practice period.

This is the same sign that Mercury went retrograde at the beginning of 2023. We also started 2022 off with a partial retrograde in Capricorn. So, this is not new energy to us which gives us some mental leverage.

Last year the New Year on January 1st didn't really feel like the official start to anything. Because of the retrograde, it didn't truly pick up until the Astrological New Year on the first day of Aries season.

This year isn’t nearly as slow, in fact a lot of planets start going direct right as we enter the New Year. The fresh-start energy just may not hit until we are already in January.  

So if you aren’t feeling the driven, responsible energy of Capricorn tugging at you to evaluate your life and set new goals a few weeks before the New Year, don’t feel discouraged.

Ride out the holidays, don’t put too much on your plate, and detach from the societal need to have everything together by January 1st.  

Mercury will venture back into Sagittarius on December 24th, slowing down that area of our chart as well. 

It officially goes direct on January 1st, but the shadow period will extend a few weeks into the new year.

This is all happening during the holiday season, so be extra kind to yourself and remember that everyone around you is also experiencing this rocky astrology.

Don’t take things personally, focus on the things that you CAN control, and extend kindness to others. It’s not always an easy time of year, and astrology will be throwing everyone through a learning curve.

Your Retrograde Reminder

When Mercury goes retrograde, we often get launched into the past for our benefit. It can bring up unfinished business that needs to be uncovered and excavated so that you can heal and move forward. 

Sometimes it does arise in the stereotypical forms of the Mercury Retrograde scare: technological glitches, transportation reroutes, major plans falling through, and yes, that call from your ex. 

So backup important files, triple check your planner and hit the block button. But most importantly, be patient. 

The key to smoothly navigating the rocky waters during this time is to simply allow life to happen. Your reaction and response to whatever is occurring in your physical reality determines what further manifests, which is why they say this is a time to think before you act.

Trouble arises when we give ourselves away to the uncontrollable nature of life. 

It’s also recommended to not make any big decisions during this time. It seems annoying to have to pause on forward movement, but things don’t seem to unfold in the way we once believed they would after Mercury stations direct. 

We don’t always see the situation from the right perspective or have all of the information we need when the lines are blurry.

Be sure to check which house Capricorn and Sagittarius occupies in your chart because the next month and a half is going to be highlighting these specific areas.

Knowing the astrology ahead of time can help you become aware of the energy shifts and where you might be feeling extra tension and trial.

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