Heal Your Inner Child with Pink Aragonite

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Many of us have experienced trauma or heartbreak throughout our lives that has been left unhealed or unacknowledged.

Over time, our heart chakra can become blocked or overstimulated if our emotions remain out of our awareness.

Releasing this built-up energy is often a painful, difficult task, but Pink Aragonite brings childlike joy that is restorative, peaceful, and promotes gentle healing.

This is a stone of a goddess and has the ability to bring feminine, nurturing qualities to those who have welcomed Pink Aragonite into their path.

For those who struggle with letting love into their life, this will aid in healing those past wounds to make space for love to be allowed in. 

Bring Back the Magic

A stone ruled by Capricorn, its healing has a strong grounding energy that allows us to reconnect with who we are at our roots.

If you had a childhood experience that caused you to grow up too fast and skip the fun, innocent parts of being young, this stone will aid in healing that wounded inner child.

It dissolves anger and resentment, allowing you to see mystery and magic through a child’s eyes.

Even if there wasn’t a time in your life that you remember as pure and simple, this stone will create that space and feeling in your current reality.

It will allow you to see with an enchanted lens, a perspective before the battle scars of life didn't sit so boldly on the tattered soul.

Pink Aragonite can give you the peace and wonder your childhood may have never experienced and restore all the endless possibilities that existed when you were young.

Heal and Transform the Heart

When you’ve acknowledged that a relationship or partnership no longer serves you, it can help you with the final stages of letting go.

Once the grief from loss sets in, it will be able to soothe and comfort your heart while you continue down your path.

It helps you filter the painful memories so that only the joy remains.

This stone can rescue the broken and separated parts of the self that have resulted from the trauma and heartbreak, making it a wonderful tool to repair a broken heart.

It opens and heals the energy in the heart chakra and can help with wounds we may not even be fully aware of.

On the other hand, Pink Aragonite can also help maintain positive relationships and encourage compassionate, exciting energy that keeps the connection young.

Realign with Your Highest Self

This mineral will help you listen to yourself and become aware of where you need to set healthy boundaries.

Whether it is your inner guidance, the whisperings of your heart, or the mysteries of your unconscious, sit with this mineral and see what thoughts and feelings arise.

This is an excellent tool to reconnect with ourselves and realign with what we truly desire.

What parts of your heart have you neglected or shut down since childhood? How have you allowed love in your life as you’ve gotten older?

Rebuild Your Self-Image with Compassion

Pink Aragonite's physical qualities can potentially strengthen the heart's heartbeat and chi.
It is also a positive support to those who struggle with body dysmorphia or have trouble accepting themselves as they are.
Work with this crystal in order to uncover deeply rooted beliefs you have about your self-image and use its compassionate energy to overcome them with love.
As with every stone, each individual will have a different experience.
Make sure you take the time to get to know your crystal and pay attention to how it manifests in your life.

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