Healing Properties of The Captivating Angel Aura Quartz

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What are the healing properties of Angel Aura Quartz? And, how is it SO beautiful?

Angel Aura Quartz, also called Opal Aura Quartz, is a captivating mineral with substantial healing properties. Aptly named for its translucent, ethereal color, this stone evokes the energy of the angels. It’s a gentle, iridescent rainbow from another dimension. The effect results from a vaporized platinum coat over a mineral, usually Quartz.

The color of Angel Aura Quartz is fabulous in photography, and what’s more, the healing energy from it is substantial.

A Stone of Movement

Angel Aura is a stone of movement. Upon holding it or inserting it into your energy field, it begins to move and circulate energy. Why is this important? Circulation and movement are signs of health and a thriving energy field.

The movement or stimulation of energy makes Angel Aura Quartz very clearing and balancing for the energy field. So, in this way, it is a stone of health and wellness.

The movement of this stone applies to the energy field; it can also apply to the path you are on in life. Use Angel Aura Quartz to find guidance or if you want to move in a specific direction. It can help you find the motivation and drive and prioritize what needs to happen to get you to your goal.

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A Crystal for Optimism and Positivity

It is essential to mention that this movement is not aggressive or linear. Angel Aura is a stone of optimism and positivity. You can apply its energy to achieving your goals, and just feeling better on a daily basis. It is uplifting and tranquil. This energy is great for action-oriented people who need to stay in a Zen state while living a hectic life.

This positivity combined with movement can also help keep you on track when trying to achieve a goal. It can be challenging to stay on task for goals and not be disheartened when you face setbacks. However, Angel Aura is a motivator. It helps you get up after a stumble and recognize how you may need to pivot to get farther ahead. In moments of uncertainty, it may help you stay on course. It definitely brings positive motivation.

Angel Aura’s energy of movement and motivation can inspire physical activity. From increased vitality to combating procrastination, this mineral can definitely be applied to these. It can also be used to help stimulate a desire for physical exercise, no matter your skill level.

Because most Angel Aura is on Quartz, this mineral would be highly effective to take a program around stimulation, movement, and motivation. For example, if you need creative inspiration or personal motivation to achieve a goal, this mineral would be excellent to help accomplish that.

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