How Sonoran Sunrise Can Heal Energetic Separations in the Body

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Healing Properties of Sonoran Sunrise

Sonoran Sunrise is a stunning stone that is only mined in Sonora, Mexico. Also called Sonoran Sunset, its vibrant coloring is due to the mix of minerals. Chrysocolla makes up the green to blue hue. The red is mainly Cuprite. It also contains Iron, which is black, and the orangey-red is Chalcotrichite. Sonoran Sunrise can bring calming balance, harmony, and integration with its unique blend of powerful healing minerals. Let’s learn about the healing properties of Sonoran Sunrise and how it can help heal energetic separations the body.

The Healing Properties of Mixed Minerals

Sonoran Sunrise falls into the extraordinary category of mixed minerals. When minerals combine, both individual and mixed energetic qualities are present.

Interestingly, Chrysocolla and Cuprite share several similar energetic qualities. Their combination within Sonoran Sunrise makes them very pronounced.

For example, both minerals stimulate the Root Chakra. This increases vitality and brings a tremendous grounding effect. In addition, both minerals offer calming effects. For instance, Cuprite is a fantastic mineral to alleviate worry, and Chrysocolla is tranquil and harmonious.

Healing Properties of Sonoran Sunrise

Grounding and Integration

The combination of the two minerals together brings some interesting energies to the table. Grounding is very effective, however gentle, and offers a nice amount of mental clarity. It would be beneficial for someone who is overwhelmed and needs to be functional in the face of too many tasks.

In addition, Sonoran Sunrise has a beautiful ability to help integrate people who feel an energetic division in the body. This type of division actually occurs in the energy field and can result from experiences in this or other lifetimes.

For example, severe trauma can cause the energy field to fracture on one or more layers. Often perceived as some sort of block, the energy does not flow throughout the system when there is a fracture. This can physically manifest as a mystery illness or injury, inability to form new ideas, difficulty letting something go, or a general feeling of being at odds with oneself.

Common Energetic Separations in the Body

Common energetic separations can occur between the hemispheres of the body, brain, or even between the top and lower half of the body. Some people can identify and describe the separation. For example, they may say things like, “My shoulder does not feel like it’s connecte to my body,” or “my feet feel like they are not attached to my body.”

Basically, they can perceive something is off but do not understand it.

I have found that minerals with red and green colors can heal the physical body via the energy field. Sonoran Sunrise definitely carries this vibration and can bring better physical integration and harmony.

The Optimal States for Living

The optimal state for living is grounding your energy and maintaining inner harmony. Therefore, an integrated energy field is definitely helpful if not necessary to achieve these states.

If you experience any feelings of energetic separation or being “out of your body,” the healing properties of Sonoran Sunrise would be an excellent source of calm, grounding energy to help integrate your energy field.

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