How to Clean your Crystals Pt. 3: Using Other Stones

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Keeping your crystals clean is essential to their longevity, luster, and metaphysical ability.

In Part 1 and 2 of the crystal cleaning series, we used nature and household items to keep our healing tools clean. We will close the series with more accessible cleansing methods in Part 3 – clearing your stones with other crystals.


A well-known stone for clearing other crystals, carnelian does the trick in a small amount. If you carry a bag of crystals with you, add a small tumbled carnelian to the pouch – this will keep your minerals clear and charged. You can also place carnelian in a room or healing space near other stones to help keep them clear.

Clear Quartz

The most traditional stone used for clearing other minerals is clear quartz. This mineral is one of the most versatile in the world, appearing in many different formations, terminations, and specimens.

Cluster or Point: Program a quartz cluster or point with the intention of clearing your stones, then set your chosen minerals on top or near it. I recommend clearing the programmed quartz cluster with cleansing smoke, such as palo santo, or setting it outside overnight from time to time.

Laser Wand: A clear quartz laser wand has the ability to beam energy through the wand using your intention to clear other stones. This method is tremendously effective but does require action and energy on your part.

Geode Bowl: A popular method used in professional crystal healing is dipping your stones into a geode bowl lined with clear quartz. The geode’s structure allows for creation of a vortex, which pulls negativity out of any mineral.

Halite or Salt

Halite or natural salt, such as Himalayan rose salt, are incredible cleansing tools. For this method, simply place your stones in a bowl of salt overnight. Salt never needs to be cleared or charged and can be used repetitively for this reason.


Selenite is a form of Gypsum that ranges from translucent to white. It's very popular and abundant at this time. Selenite is not traditionally used to clear other stones, although some suggest it has this quality. Satin Spar Gypsum from Morocco is widely accessible and gives your other stones an effective cleanse when placed near it. Other varieties of white Selenite from different locations are also suitable.

Other Helpful Minerals

There are several stones that are noted for having self-cleaning abilities. These minerals may help clear other crystals, but their effectiveness isn’t as well-known as those mentioned above. My recommended list includes citrine, smoky citrine, kyanite, and tectonic quartz among more obscure minerals such as Guangdong tektite and yoderite. I recommend finding the best stone for you by testing their effectiveness yourself – see if you feel satisfied with the results!

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