The Powerful Transformation that Malachite Brings

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Malachite The Stone of Transformation

Malachite is a stone of Transformation. People love Malachite for many reasons. It has a beautiful, velvety green color that reveals stunning, moody striations when polished or cut into slabs. However, the energy is strong. In fact, consider this a proper warning of Malachite’s intensity.

Malachite is a copper-based mineral which means it moves energy. It’s great for moving stuck or stagnant Qi in the system and opening a closed chakra. It can be highly transformational for uninvolved, closed, or broken hearts.

The Healing Properties of Malachite

While it works on all energy systems, it can be particularly therapeutic for feelings deep in the heart. For example, it can be profoundly healing for those holding on to extreme rage or anger. Malachite also provides relief from energetic congestion and numbness.

This stone stimulates intuition, intellect, and instinct. It can unlock new layers of self-expression and release repressed feelings. A word of caution to those sensitive to energy while working through extreme emotional trauma: Malachite is intense and unapologetic.

Malachite the Stone of Transformation

The Transformational Power of Malachite

A defining aspect of working with Malachite is its incredible ability to transform. It can catapult you into total transformation. For this reason, you will leave behind the old and become the next incarnation of yourself.

The intention to change is a form of personal power. When you use Malachite, you reach a new level of devotion to change and better yourself.

The transformational intensity of Malachite resembles the cycle of death and rebirth. You do not shed a layer of your old self but an entire version that no longer serves you.

Malachite can be your ally, assisting you as you reach for your dreams and obtain your goals. When applied intentionally, you can move forward without obstruction or hindrance. So, how does this work?

Using Malachite for Heart Healing

Remember, Malachite is a heart stone, meaning it is healing for the heart. A fundamental part of achieving your goals and enjoying the process lies in your heart. You can set your intentions and visualize all day long, but if your heart’s not in it, it could be a waste of time.

Your heart is linked with your soul’s path and should guide you. Malachite strengthens your heart’s connection to your divine path. Your heart is not right about everything all the time and can be very fickle or hard to translate. True success is doing what’s best for you while showing yourself love and respect and learning the language of your heart. By integrating Malachite into your journey, you’ll start seeing the bigger picture without confusion from your unresolved unconscious.

Malachite has intense energy; there is no denying that. So, for those seeking personal transformation, this is a stone you need in your collection.

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