Agate is the name for a wide variety of banded Chalcedony specimens. This stone uses etheric energies to balance the physical, mental, and subtle bodies. This stone can be used to connect to forces residing in the spiritual realm and bring inspiration over into this one.

With a highly cleansing effect, Agate brings harmony to the Yina and Yang energies. Working with it directs a person towards a precise examination of the Self and situations that concern well-being. It also stabilizes the aura and transforms negative energy into smooth, functional, and positive forces.

For those with hidden talents, Agate may induce an awakening of new skills. By heightening accuracy and analytical capabilities, unknown talents are able to emerge.

Historically, Agate has been used in cooking as well as placed in drinking water to treat illness. Agate is believed to aid in improving sight, decreasing thirst, and promoting fidelity in marriage. Each varietal member of the Agate family carries unique energy patterns and qualities.

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