Quartz - Angel Aura

Angel Aura Quartz is part of the Aura Quartz family of the alchemist practice to adhere metals to members of the quartz family. Also known as Opal Aura or Rainbow Aura, all varieties of this mineral mainly contain platinum vaporized over Quartz. Sometimes gold and silver are added depending on the variation.

This mineral is deeply purifying on a spiritual level and brings about spiritual awareness and growth. It's a stone of positivity and optimism and is uplifting and tranquil. Associated with romance and love, it can be very useful when trying to bring these energies into your life.

It is cleansing and balancing to the aura and chakras, bringing a quality of integration to the energy field. It can facilitate a state of awareness during meditation so one can "move" towards deeper parts of their consciousness and fully integrate. It does connect one with angelic realms, higher knowledge and acknowledgement of beauty.