Beryl var. Goshenite

Beryl Var. Goshenite-  Goshenite is a colorless member of the Beryl family and is sometimes associated with being white or clear.   In line with Beryl’s strong propensity with alignment, Goshenite aligns the spiritual bodies and works with the crown chakra and the etheric chakras above the body.  It is a stone to help you find purpose and meaning and to align with your true destiny.  It allows you to see for yourself many aspects of any situation, including those which involve close friends or family, even when one does not want to see the unfortunate truth.  Thus it helps with the element of surprise in this manner and helps you to maintain self-control no matter what the emotional element.  In this space it aligns you with having breakthroughs and revelations in perspective and mystery.  It can help you to keep your composure when unexpected information is discovered.  This also leads you to formulate a path toward diplomacy if needed.  


Goshenite is also a creative stone, simulating creativity and also helping to cultivate an eye for beauty and that, which is aesthetically pleasing.  It is a good stone for those on the path of interior design and visual arts.  It is said to stabilize relationships and bring peace to turbulent relationships, both with the self and others.  It is a stone for development of higher consciousness, raised awareness and improved choices when deciding what is important in your life.  It will help improve your relationship with your psychic skills and sharpen your qualities of perception.  It will also stimulate the crown chakra and bring love and compassion when harnessing these abilities.  It will keep you tempered in right action and focused on what is important by universal standards.   It stimulates connection to higher self and higher realms.  It can be used to detoxify organs and sharpen the mind.  It does have a positive effect on disorders of the muscular structure of the legs.