Jasper- Bumble Bee

Jasper, Bumble Bee- Connects you to your divine self; it is from this divine place where we are our most complete. This mineral has only been widely sold in recent years and was discovered in the 1990s in Mount Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia. This mineral comprises volcanic mater, Hematite, Sulfur, Arsenic, and other sediments

The stone to help with "I Am" statements and affirmations. Connects you with your divine will and the empowered version of yourself. We can be one with magnificent manifestation and oneness with our higher purpose. Very clearing for the mind and stimulates the intellect. In this meaning, it's excellent to help control urges and to help you work through and change negative behavioral patterns. It is perfect for helping to organize and stay on the course of what we would call the lower conscious or mind. 

It can assist you in feeling and being still within the body, so it can be suitable for people who carry anxiety and tension. Great for breaking up thought patterns based on anxiety. It can be ideal for people who get lost in thought to help recognize they are lost in thought and help them refocus. Great stone in assisting you through positive change by helping you plan, accept, and make positive changes in your life.

It has grounding energies and is an excellent stone for the solar plexus. They manifest will, personal power, inner strength, and identity. Assists with making prophecy and brings prosperity. It can also be used with the second Chakra energy and mild calming effect. It pairs well with ruby and flow agate for powerful I Am manifestations.

* Bumble Bee jasper contains Sulfur which can have a slight smell. Polished Bumble Bee Jasper is safe to wear/ carry and is not toxic unless ingested. The danger would come more from inhaling the dust or using it in an elixir. Our polished stones are safe to wear and carry*