Beryl var. Emerald - Tumbled
Beryl var. Emerald - Tumbled

Beryl var. Emerald - Tumbled

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Beryl var. Emerald - Emerald is the famous green variation of beryl and is loved in jewelry and the healing arts.  It is known as “the stone of successful love” and has been regarded as providing domestic bliss and loyalty.  It can open and activate the heart chakra, bringing unconditional love and encouraging unity, partnership, and friendship. It is a very harmonious stone and keeps a partnership in balance. 

Emeralds can be used to eliminate negativity from one’s life and enhance positivity and positive action.  It can also help you to stay centered, focused, and practical, particularly with the basis of your life’s work.  Emerald is excellent for memory and greater mental capacity.  It brings forth intelligence with discernment, helping you to align and manifest the right option as the only option. It is excellent to help achieve a meditative state and find a place of deep relaxation. 

It is suitable for quieting the mind, enhancing altered states, and allowing the unfolding of more profound aspects of consciousness.  Emerald can align you with your life’s purpose and mission and alleviate the suffering of ills from past wrong-doings.  It also works to gently bring about healing with the divine masculine, aligning with the paternal, benevolent wisdom of the grandfathers. It can bring a deep inner knowing.  It is very healing for claustrophobia and assists in the recovery from infection. 


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