Chlorite in Quartz

Chlorite, Inclusion - The powerful healing energy of our quartz and chlorite combination, is one of the most potent healing minerals found on Earth. These crystals work together to stimulate inspiration, cooperation, and actualization, bringing the healing energies of the planet to every aspect of your life. With their ability to promote abundance, we recommend keeping one in your money pouch to help attract prosperity into your life.

These crystals are also highly effective for cleansing your aura and removing undesirable energy implants, especially when paired with Amethyst. The Chlorite quickly heals the void left by the energy removal, leaving you feeling revitalized and balanced. This crystal combination closely supports the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, allowing your heart and brain to move into a coherent rhythm with the planet's electromagnetic field.

The Quartz and Chlorite combination is an excellent tool for protecting your body from harmful radiation. When you hold this crystal, you'll feel its powerful energy envelop you, promoting health and vitality. Add this potent healing crystal to your collection today and experience the benefits of its positive energy for yourself.

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