Cobaltoan Calcite is also known as Cobalto-Calcite or Cobalt bearing calcite. It is comprised of what its name suggests, cobalt in calcite, and it has been found in a few locations around the world, with Morrocco and the Democratic Republic of Congo giving us the larger yields and fantastic specimens as of late. It is a rarer mineral, but it can be found if you know where to look.

Cobaltoan calcite is known in the jewelry world as the Aphrodite stone, and it is definitely a master heart stone. Just holding it, your heart feels open and filled with love. Saying it attracts love is an understatement; it is a love magnet. You will have to be very intentional with what kind of love you want to attract because it is prone to attract the love you need.

It will also help you find your talents and abilities and put them into action at your own pace, which is a form of self-love. It harmonizes the intellect and emotions, helping to soften any sharp edges which may be creating disharmony in the self. It is particularly healing to the emotional body, softens emotional blocks, and provides relief to emotional trauma.

It helps to balance intense feelings, particularly negative feelings toward the self and others. It brings emotional maturation and provides nurturing when it has been absent. It is also known for healing the heart, particularly from grief or heartache, and can help make you more compassionate.

It is a supportive stone for those of us who are empathic or choose to carry the pain of others. It is helpful for forgiveness and can be used in distance healing. It can relieve hidden tension in the physical body.