Columbianite, also known as Piedra Rayo, is a rare Psydotektite reported to be found in the Valle de Cauca by the Indigenous peoples of Columbia. Not a large amount of geological information readily available about Columbinatite online makes understanding its origin a bit challenging. What is known is that it is reported to be a 30 million-year-old obsidian, likely to have formed from a meteoric impact. It is brown/gray and translucent against the light. There are different natural formations, but the round is considered the highest grade and most desirable.  

It is referred to as the lightning stone and has been used to connect with the spirit world and bring transformation, clear emotional baggage, and help heal bad habits.  

If you can feel the energy, it can be felt through the body, with particular emphasis on the solar plexus. It can help you to handle your energy and read your energy. You can start to discern energy levels and how you feel versus what you may try to avoid. It pushes proper alignment and wants to pull you back into your body so you can be clear. This relaxing and reflective effect makes you want to take the rest of the afternoon off and figure out unresolved things. Thus, this energy would be suitable for intuitive introspection and good if you avoid doing inner work.   

This stone would be true even if you were trying to avoid being honest with yourself about a particular situation resulting from an unresolved part of your personality.  

This is a highly intuitive stone and can be considered as powerful for cultivating intuition as minerals such as moldavite, nuummite, hyalite opal, and scapolite. It can be used as a precision tool for finding detailed intuitive information and in meditation to open intuition. One may want to pair it with blue opal or purple fluorite to receive unconscious details.   

There is also a connection to the ancestral spirits connected to the land from where it is gathered. They were pretty welcoming and willing to work with me, and this mineral would be particularly healing for those with Columbian ancestry.   

While it is not as aggressive or harsh as moldavite, it provides that nice tektite zing of energy one wants. It is just as world-class in its energy, and its contribution will evolve for years.