Covellite Collection

Covellite is a rare, intensely powerful healing stone. In fact, its unusual energy creates a vortex wherever it is found en masse. Well known to stimulate the Third Eye and psychic abilities, Covellite connects you to your higher Self and allows you to live in a more connected, spiritual space.

This dark blue stone can have purple iridescence and inclusions of pyrite. A very rare copper sulfide mineral, Covellite bridges the gaps between dimensions. It can help someone understand the energy, power, and possibilities created by a vortex. It is a very territorial stone, retaining the energy from the place where it was unearthed. It also acts as a guide, leading back to its place of origin.

It can connect you to the deep recesses of your past, allowing you to access acquired wisdom and process unconscious information. It can enhance analytical thinking, rational decision-making and encourages self-reflection. As a stone for Artists, Covellite can enhance creativity, drawing inspiration from the ancient, otherworldly past. Its connection to the Third Eye stimulates intuition, lucid dreaming, and astral travel.

It can act as a mirror unto the Self, whereas you can see the result of your actions or the result of actions not yet taken. Therefore, Covellite is an excellent stone to help heal the tendency toward vanity and release ego and self-esteem built around vanity. It encourages positive self-acceptance and supports a positive outlook.

Covellite is helpful to heal issues with sexuality and enhance libido. Known throughout the healing community as a stone to help heal cancer, it works on a cellular level, stimulating the reorganization of dis-ordered cells and purging toxins that lie within. It is also used in healing all forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis. It also has a reputation as a stone for a hangover when one has imbibed in excess.