Diopside – A stone to stimulate the intellect, Diopside assists when pursuing mathematical or analytical quests. It enhances the practical side of one’s nature, including academic learning, with a particular focus on science and the arts.

This mineral promotes humility and respect for exceptional intelligence. It also allows one to recognize duality within the self, retrieving the feminine side of nature and healing those who do not let themselves cry. It is a stone of compassion and service, opening one’s heart to those suffering and providing a profound sense of connection to the planet. It supports intuition and enhances one’s spiritual feelings.

Diopside teaches forgiveness, trust, and reconciliation with people or situations that have hurt you in the past. It’s an excellent stone for those who feel they have always lacked something but were unsure what, as it gently pushes one toward release and awareness of personal gifts. Emotionally, this mineral benefits those who feel overwhelmed by life's problems by teaching them how to live with genuine appreciation.

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