Epidote + Prehnite

Epidote- An excellent stone for a healer it helps with removing cords of socialization and self-criticism that are cords that hold you to traumas and past versions of yourself.  Epidote is soft and loving, assisting in healing trauma, particularly when paired with quartz.  It is programmable and can be attuned to different energies. 

It has stress-relieving qualities, giving the user a sense of calm.  It can help in manifestation, allowing one to increase whatever is desired. It takes a program very well and increases the intensity of the energy of that program.  It enhances the perception and strengthens personal power and identity.  Good for healing victimhood or martyrdom complex and helps temper self-pity. 

 It is excellent in helping with dehydration.  It is useful with disorders of the brain and nervous system.

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